Hey there magic maker!


I started building my business doing what everyone out there said I had to do. Networking events. Emailing people I’ve never talked to before (or haven’t in years). Stressing about posting to my Facebook group 87 times a day.

And none of it ever felt right. I’d have a mini panic attack before every email. I started spamming my Facebook Page because I felt like I didn’t have anything useful to say.

And then the Universe smacked me in the face and said, “Stop doing things that don’t feel good to you and your business!”

And guess what, that smack was just what I needed.

Building a business is a million times easier when you stop doing the sleazy things that every traditional marketer says you have to do and instead focus on the things that fill you up with joy.

Sleaze does not equal success.

Let’s chat about how you can get your momentum going in a way that feels good to you!


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