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This is coming late because, well, I was on vacation. I tried to be a model coach this week and really wanted to demonstrate working ahead and scheduling as a means to keep your business going and up to date whilst on vacation.

But I’ll be honest, it totally didn’t happen. On all of my checklists of things, “write and schedule newsletter” and “write and schedule two Sunday Sampler posts” didn’t make it. Why I forgot about them? I’ll blame it on trying to get too many things done it too little time (and coming up with way too many brilliant ideas at the same time to keep track of).

The Outer Banks of North Carolina were amazing. Beautiful. So much sun and sand. Dolphins–yay! Jellyfish– boo! Duck Donuts– totally worth the trip alone.

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I went into work mode on our flight from Orlando to Milwaukee yesterday afternoon when I finally had woken up (we were up at 2:45 am to make it to the airport in time). There’s something about that time in the air without the internet and distractions that is amazing for brainstorming. I have a LONG to do list this week and next as I head into “launch season”. I also have about a page worth of other ideas I want to explore implementing in the future.