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Hey there, good lookin’!

If we haven’t already met, I’m Katie Grant, Social Media Manager + Strategist for health coaches and beyond.

First things first.

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Some quick facts about me:

*I’m 28 and live in Madison, WI with my boyfriend and puppy (#myassistantfelix)

*I’m totally a Cali girl trapped in the body of a Sconnie despite having lived in Wisconsin my entire life and visiting California only twice in my life.

*I love to read, travel, and nap

*I’m passionate about helping women take control of and get visible in their businesses so they can build the business of their dreams without it feeling sleazy

*Despite being a ballerina for part of my life, and still identifying with that, I’m not super graceful. I’m maybe the only person I know who is capable of getting a concussion by simply sitting down on the couch

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