It seems like one fourth of the country is cleaning up from Hurricane Harvey, one fourth is currently raising money to help the clean-up efforts,  one fourth is trying to breathe amid the crazy wildfires on the west coast and one fourth is preparing for Hurricane Irma. Luckily, everyone I know directly in Houston had minimal damage and everything is fine.

I’m particularly concerned about Irma, though, as Fort Myers Beach has become a bit of a second home. My parents were set to head down there next Monday and have fortunately canceled their trip. Reading that they just issued a mandatory evacuation for their area has me incredibly worried for both their property and their neighbors’. Sending happy thoughts and positive vibes to everyone dealing with any and all of this craziness that’s happening right now.

Writing sales pages is tough. Make someone else write them for you 😉 

I know very few people who think public speaking is easy. But I know lots of people who someday want to get into it.

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I consider myself to be a pretty competent writer. But there are things that even I can learn from this article.

A little something to make you smile this week…

I think we can all relate.

And let’s be honest… I can’t get enough Charlene…