I’m a podcast junkie.
There.  I’ve said it.
If I’m driving alone, I rarely listen to the radio anymore.  Especially now that I got this fabulous Bluetooth FM Transmitter.  
Podcasts are seriously some of the most educational things ever.  And I’m obsessed with gaining knowledge.  So it’s only fitting that they take up the blank space during my drives.  Unfortunately (Fortunately?) I don’t drive much anymore with working at home.  So any time I get to drive more than the five minutes it takes to get to Target, I get real excited.
In fact, I’m most excited for my vacation next week mainly because I’ll have so much beach time to just lay and get my podcast on.  I’ve already started narrowing down the exact episodes that I need to have downloaded for maximum listening pleasure.
podcasts entrepreneurs
I wanted to share with you some of my current favorites for Entrepreneurs.  These are what I listen to most often.  The only downside to listening to this amazing content while driving?  It’s difficult to take notes (I’m open to suggestions— I’ve been considering pausing and creating a voice memo but even that feels too clumsy while driving).
Natalie Lussier is full of amazing information.  I found her via her 30 Day List Building Series (highly recommend it!) and haven’t turned back since.  I love that each episode is just a few minutes long.  It’s packed with a ton of info in a bitty bite sized piece.  I can essentially get through an entire episode on my way to Target.  That means no trip is too short to get my learn on.
This podcast is I think my newest discovery.  I listen and I definitely want to write down like every little detail.  Emily and Kathleen are so real and honest and hilarious.  And the content they share is amazing.  My favorite episode right now?  “Personal Branding” from March 10th.  Check it out and have your mind blown.  Also, check out their Facebook Group for an amazing group of people and some big motivation.
Chalene Johnson.  Is there much more to say?  Hers was the podcast that turned me onto the idea of podcasts.  When I’m in need of a swift kick in the ass, I turn to Chalene.  There are definitely some episodes that don’t interest me at all.  But there are far more that are exactly what I need to hear.  Anything that she does on Systems is the best.  ‘Sodes to check out?  A Day In The Life of Me, Time Saving Systems, Grow Your Brand on Instagram and some way early ones like Productivity Hacks, Crazy Confidence, and Managing Social Media Overload (which was aired both on The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe).
How could I make a list about business podcasts, and not list Amy Porterfield?  I couldn’t.  She’s definitely a Facebook guru and I’ve learned SO much about growing my following from her.  Just one word of warning— she’s been doing this since 2013.  And unfortunately Facebook changes quickly, so some of her podcasts are super outdated.  BUT even the ones that I’d call “out of date” are still useful in some way (they just might have some figures that are a bit off).  Good episodes to check out?  The 2015 Guide to Facebook Engagement, 3 Lessons I learned in 2014, Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies, 5 Lessons I Learn in 2013 That I Will Repeat in 2014, and How to Set Goals and Create a Plan for the New Year.
So those are my favorites.  I seriously subscribe to another 15 or so.  Again, not every episode of every podcast is something that interests me.  I just delete anything I’m not into and move on.  But it’s important to play around and find ones that YOU connect with.  There have definitely been a few that I’ve subscribed and have decided they just weren’t for me.  And I know several people who find them super useful and listen to them religiously.  
Have you jumped into podcasts?  What’s your current favorite?  Watch soon and I’ll share some of my favorite non-business related ones that you can check out.