It’s so easy to get caught up in all of our shit and feel like living abundantly is impossible, especially when bills are coming in and you’re stressed out about where the next $50 will come from… or maybe you’ve fallen into needing some expensive car repairs… or you just want to treat yourself to a massage but are feeling guilty about it.

Adopting, and more importantly embracing, an abundance mindset can feel like a challenge.


I used to be the person who felt weird bending over to pick up a penny on the ground. It felt like people would judge me– I mean, it was a simple penny.

 “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” and “Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield-Thomas fell into my lap and my mind was opened up to this simple side of “woo woo” that I didn’t know existed.

The books emphasized that being present and asking the Universe for what you want and actually paying attention for whatever it is, is a great way to bring it into your life.

Shortly after reading the books I started finding loose change all over the place. I allowed myself to pick it up, thank the Universe, and tell her that I was ready for more whenever the timing was right. 

Then about a week later I was shopping at Target and found a $5 bill in the cart I was using.

I challenged myself to a weekend of scavenging and came up with over $85 in unexpected savings, checks I had forgotten about, spare change I found, and kind strangers paying it forward to me.

Eight-five dollars in three days!

This summer I took on a part-time gig that I was extremely nervous about. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or if it was a bad choice. All sorts of doubt ran through my head. On the first day, I sat down at my desk and found a penny on the ground. Every day that first week that I came in, I found a different penny– in the parking lot, under my desk. I knew it was a sign that I had chosen the right path.

I challenged the ladies in Wellness Magic Makers this weekend to see how much they can find. I’m up to $25.04 and I spent all day yesterday laying on the couch. 

Want to play along?

Say this request to the Universe–

“Universe– thank you for the abundance that already exists in my life. I am grateful for the home I live in, the love I am shown daily, and the friendships I am blessed with. I know that the timing is up to you. I am open to living abundantly in whatever ways make sense. I am grateful and paying attention for all of the ways you make me abundant. Please help me guide the way.”

Then, start watching for it everywhere.

Abundance comes in many forms but we’re focusing on the ways it can come into your life monetarily. Every time you find something, thank the Universe. And write it down– track the things coming into your life. (Remember, the things you focus on multiply!) Give it two or three days, at least and then report back with what you’ve found!

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