When I came into the world of online business, I had no intentions of being a social media guru. Though when I stop and think about it, social media marketing was just starting to come into its own. Facebook Pages had been around for about 3 years and while I ran one for my parents bar the resources for strategy were slim to none.

I quit my job at the beginning of my health coach schooling which meant I had a ton of time to consume just about any material I could find. I didn’t have a business yet but I wanted to be ready to dive in headfirst and get my business rolling quickly when I was ready.

I attended webinars on blogging and using Pinterest. I learned about pitching companies for sponsored blog posts, branding, creating media kits and more from people likeĀ The Alison Show, Hilary Rushford, and Whitney English at ALT for Everyone.

Eventually, I realized that social media was what I was really fascinated by.


I’ve been thinking about what makes social media so intriguing for me for some time. As you know, I recently stepped away from my business for about 9 months. While I was plugged into the world of social media through my job, I was out of touch with how online entrepreneurs were using it…which is in many ways completely different from how I was using it to market a local business.

And it wasn’t until I stepped away from this aspect of social media that this really sunk in.

Social media is always changing. There is always something new. If you follow any social media blogs there is breaking news every day– Facebook is testing a new way to track video views, Instagram is changing the way they display comments, Snapchat added a map so you can track your friends at any time.

I’m the kind of person who analyzes things, a lot. My first job out of college required me to do a lot of creative problem-solving. I learned that I really enjoyed looking at the data and seeing how many ways I could put together the puzzle pieces to make the big picture even better. With social media constantly changing, I’m able to always look at the data and find ways to do it better.

The fact that social media doesn’t work exactly the same for every business makes it that much more intriguing– it means even more opportunities for me to play and see what works. And as frustrating as all of that experimenting can sometimes be it’s so incredibly gratifying to see it all come together and eventually work.

Maybe the most amazing thing about social media is the way it makes the world so small. I have followers from all over the world. I’m based in Wisconsin but have worked with clients from nearly every state as well as people in England, South Africa, and Spain. I’m writing for a magazine whose editor is based in Thailand.

When all of these pieces come together, I can’t get enough.

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