9 Ways to Find Happiness

Imagine you wake up one morning to find you’re turning 30 at the end of the week. You stop for a moment and realize that life looks nothing like you thought it would. Sure, you have some pretty great things going on like a boyfriend who has been crazy supportive, a puppy who makes you smile, and friends who have your back like woah. But you’re spending your days working a job that is completely not the right fit and that is taking quite an emotional toll on you.

What do you do?

You come up with a plan, try your damndest to stay positive at all costs, and get the hell out of there, right? Life is too short to be unhappy.

Ok, so maybe you can’t just up and leave. I get it. Or maybe it’s not a job that’s the source of your darkness. Check out these 9 exercises to help you find happiness when it feels kind of impossible.

  1. Choose to be happy. It might seem crazy at the time but the simple act of telling yourself “I choose to be happy right here, right now” actually works wonders.
  2. Smile. Studies show that just moving your mouth into a smile automatically improves your mood.
  3. Make a list of 10 things that never fail to make you laugh. Then do one of those things. Whether it’s reading a corny joke, watching a favorite YouTube video (here’s one that never fails to make me laugh), or playing with your dog. Keep this list around and refer to it when necessary.
  4. Dance. It’s a proven fact (at least it is in my world) that a mini dance party can turn any frown upside down. It’s also a great way to re-set for any reason at any time of day.
  5. Practice gratitude. This can really be as easy as telling the Universe “I am grateful for this butterscotch hot chocolate”.
  6. Give someone a compliment. How does this help your mood? Smiles are contagious and you’ll likely make that person’s day.
  7. Cross one thing off your to-do list. Sometimes our lack of happiness stems from the fact that we’re overwhelmed and overworked and just feeling like the world is too much. Completing one task (and for some of us, physically crossing that thing off your list) can feel like such a relief that it’ll help your mood, even if it’s a simple task that only took you 30 minutes to get through.
  8. Meditate, even if it’s only for 2 minutes.
  9. Take care of your body. Drink some water. Eat some veggies. When your body is happy your mind will be, too!

For me, simply choosing to spot the happy has made a huge difference. Several years ago, when I left my toxic corporate job, I participated in #100HappyDays on Instagram. It was a great way to help me pick the happy out of my everyday life as I was beginning a new adventure of entrepreneurship. When things got dicey this fall, I did the same. I’ve chosen to make it easy– I don’t HAVE to post something every day if I’m not feeling it. But I’m aiming for 100 total consecutive posts of things that make me happy. Sometimes these are simply gratitude lists. Other times I’m diving deep. I’d encourage you to try the same– it’s amazing how hard it can feel to find the happy some days!

Follow along on my latest #100HappyDays journey.

What’s your favorite happiness trick? I’d love to get a list of other ideas going in the comments.


Signs You’re Not Failing

Owning your own business is hard. There are so many ups and downs. And it’s easy for the negative times to overshadow the positive. They’re easier to dwell on, making you forget about everything you’re excelling at in your business.

But the truth is that you can’t give up. Because when you do, you’re probably selling yourself short.

Every person that I know who “failed” at business did so either because they weren’t serious about actually making it happen OR because they quit before they were ever able to be successful. 

Building a business that works and is profitable takes time (and anyone who tells you they have an overnight success story is either lying or just got really f-ing lucky).

So how do you know if you’re making it happen but haven’t made it quite there yet? Here are some signs to watch for…

  • You take one step forward in your business every day. Even if you also take five steps backward you’re completing at least one (even baby-sized) task that will help move you forward.
  • You have a story to tell and a why behind telling it that lights you up.
  • You’ve heard from someone at some point telling you that you’ve influenced their life in some way. It could be as simple as “thank you for posting this, it’s just what I needed” or as complex as a testimonial video explaining every tiny thing they learned from you.
  • You’re visible. You show up online and tell your story. You’re not hiding out, no matter how hard it might feel today.
  • You’re acting from a place of service. You help people online without expectation of anything in return (even if you’re secretly hoping they’ll someday buy from you). You’re building relationships from giving from your heart.
  • You’ve earned a penny from someone for something you’ve done in your business. It doesn’t matter if that penny immediately went to pay a bill or not. Bringing in any cash flow is a sign that you’re doing something right.
  • You’re learning and experimenting and growing. You’re finding what works for you. You’re learning what your people want to know from you. You’re testing the waters of how you work best and how you want to be seen online.
  • You’ve had a hater. Seriously. You’ve made it when you’ve had the first person try to screw you out of money or question your authority and knowledge.

Do any of these resonate with you? Great. Stop and celebrate your success because, lady, this is a journey and you’ll never make it through without celebrating every tiny step!

Tell me about it: what are YOU celebrating today?

Make your 2017 goals easier to achieve– join Health Coach Social Lab today! By spending less time on the little things in your business, you’ll be able to spend MORE time on the things that really matter. And isn’t that what your business is all about???

WMM 010: Balancing it All with Jessica Wyman


Meet Jessica Wyman 1450295_10152073303727094_838661132_n-2

Jessica Wyman is a homegrown Idaho girl and her passion for outdoors is a big reason why she focuses on work-life balance.

Jessica is a nutritionist, yoga teacher, author, speaker and host of her own TV show, Jessica’s Clean Eats, and co-founder of her wellness program Clean & Lean Health Academy.

It’s her passion and pleasure to help people live a Clean and Lean Lifestyle and to make it easy. Start by downloading her Clean and Lean FREE Challenge and 5-Day Guidebook on her website at Jessica-Wyman.com.


In this episode I chat with Jessica about how she manages to get it all done. She is working on so many different projects at once and still manages to homeschool one of her sons AND spend time outside mountain biking– one of her favorite activities. Jessica has some great tips for balancing it all and a secret weapon for recipe creation (seriously, if you’re a health coach, you need to check this tip out!).

Jessica and myself both went to nutrition school at Institute for Integrative Nutrition. You can learn more here.

Lastly, you can find Jessica online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Podcast--Episode 010

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Women Rock the World

International Women's Day 2015
Sunday is International Women’s Day— a day to celebrate the achievements of women and a call to action for the Women’s Equality Movement.
Being a woman is pretty fab.  Though there is a certain week every month that I’d never actually say that out loud.  Ladies, you feel me, don’t you?
But for real.  While we might not always make as much money as men, and we may face some roadblocks, we’re pretty badass.  We’re fighters.  We’re caretakers.  We’re givers.  We want to find the best in everyone.  
Find a strong sisterhood of women, and watch out.  In the last year I have become a part of so many sisterhoods and seeing the amazing things that these women are doing blows my mind every. single. day.
#MakeItHappen International Women's Day 2015
The theme for International Women’s Day 2015 is “Make It Happen”.  As a female entrepreneur, I’m always trying to make it happen.  I’m staying focused on my big dreams.  I’m empowering other women to do the same.  I’m working hard and dedicating myself to changing the world.  I want women to know they’re fabulous and capable of so much more than they give themselves credit for!
If you’ve ever to stepped into GlamGirlGlow Central during working hours, there is almost always either Grey’s Anatomy playing on Netflix or a kickass playlist blasting through the computer speakers.  
I’m the kind of girl who needs noise to make it happen.  And I thought sharing one of my favorite workin’ it playlists, appropriately named “Get It, Girl” long before I ever thought to use it for this post.  It’s full of Girl Power Anthems (and a few men made it through the cracks… c’est la vie). 
So here it is— Make It Happen, Ladies!

(And yes, you will find the Kids Bops version of Shake It Off on here… love the song… but I get along with T. Swift like she gets along with Spotify… we don’t.  Props where props are due… the girl does lay down some addictive beats.)
What’s your favorite Girl Power song?  How about “make it happen” songs?  Do you find music to be as powerful as I do?