Power Hour: September 7th

It seems like one fourth of the country is cleaning up from Hurricane Harvey, one fourth is currently raising money to help the clean-up efforts,  one fourth is trying to breathe amid the crazy wildfires on the west coast and one fourth is preparing for Hurricane Irma. Luckily, everyone I know directly in Houston had minimal damage and everything is fine.

I’m particularly concerned about Irma, though, as Fort Myers Beach has become a bit of a second home. My parents were set to head down there next Monday and have fortunately canceled their trip. Reading that they just issued a mandatory evacuation for their area has me incredibly worried for both their property and their neighbors’. Sending happy thoughts and positive vibes to everyone dealing with any and all of this craziness that’s happening right now.

Writing sales pages is tough. Make someone else write them for you 😉 

I know very few people who think public speaking is easy. But I know lots of people who someday want to get into it.

Check out these tips on improving your public speaking skills thanks to podcasters!
I consider myself to be a pretty competent writer. But there are things that even I can learn from this article.

A little something to make you smile this week…

I think we can all relate.

And let’s be honest… I can’t get enough Charlene…

Slow down and listen

Many of you know my story– I worked a crazy, toxic corporate job for 3.5 years. At the end of my time there, I’d end up in the bathroom drive heaving. I’d spend my Sundays crying. I didn’t know who I was. I let the stress and anxiety get to me and it truly changed who I was.

That’s when I decided to become a health coach.

Flash forward a few years and I’ve run a successful business coaching health coaches and learned about all of the woo woo magic that’s out there. I now work for a local grocery market and charity music festival as their Communications Manager.

I fell into the job, really. And I fell in love with it, quickly going from being a part time employee to full time because I couldn’t get away. The stress felt different and all of my anxiety about “working for the man” disappeared.

But I soon realized that I was no longer listening to my intuition or the Universe because I had too much noise in my life.

This winter the stress started to get to me. Deadlines piled up. I was falling behind in my work because others weren’t pulling their weight– and I was terrified of being negatively judged for it. Adult beverages piled up around me in the evenings. I walked to my car crying one night. I considered meditating, ya know, to calm my mind… but felt like I simply couldn’t make the time.

The Universe intervened.

I had been doing a LOT of driving and suddenly my radio completely stopped working. Actually, the entire console of my new-to-me car died, even the phone charging ports.

If I wasn’t going to allow a little silence into my life, the Universe sure as hell was going to make sure it happened for me.

And I sat with it. I allowed the silence in. And as I began to feel more sane and stopped letting the stress go from a productive encourager to debilitating anxiety, my radio suddenly started working (of course it was the day before I was taking time off of work to get it fixed…).

Message received.

When things get crazy, know what works for you. What will help keep your sanity. And use it.

Me? I take time to breathe in the morning. I brought selenite to my desk. I recall my mantra and wear my mala as a reminder. I started doing yoga (pro tip: if you’re having a hard time budgeting for or justifying classes, check Groupon! I found deals to two studios I’ve fallen in love with).

14 Mantras for When you Want to Give Up

Oh life. It’s full of ups and downs and ups and downs. And some of those ups are super high and feel amazing. And some of those downs are low, low, low and feel like there will be no end. It’s the same whether you’re building a business or not.

The key is to not give up because 90% of the time, when things get tough it’s because things are about to get really, really good.

Mindset plays a huge part in whether or not you’ll make it to the good. See, people so often give up on whatever it is they’re pursuing when things get tough and they never make it to the awesome. They change paths before they can get there.

The next time you feel like shit about… anything, repeat these mantras to yourself.

  1. What I focus on multiplies. I choose happiness, not worry.
  2. This too shall pass.
  3. I hand this over to the Universe and I trust that she will take care of it for me.
  4. Inhale. Pause. Exhale.
  5. I choose to face my fear and kick its ass.
  6. Any progress is a step forward.
  7. I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough.
  8. I choose to see the light.
  9. Actions speak louder than words.
  10. I allow and trust.
  11. Commit. Succeed.
  12. Spread happiness like wildfire.
  13. Raise someone else up and you will raise yourself up.
  14. It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)


11 Ways to Find Money Everywhere

Participating in the Living Abundantly challenge may have had you searching high and low for cash you didn’t know existed. But did you realize that money is everywhere?

And when you’re open to it and ask the Universe for help, there are a ton of ways it can appear. You might not see the signs if you’re not paying attention, but they’re there.


How can money appear to you? Check out these 11 ways to find money everywhere…

  1. See a penny, pick it up! Watch for money on the ground everywhere you go and don’t be afraid to snatch it up.
  2. Loose change you’ve lost— check the couch cushions, the bottom of your purse, under your car floor mats, etc. The place I find it the most? In the cupholders in my car.
  3. Clothes you haven’t worn in months or purses you haven’t used in years. You know the feeling of joy you have when you put on a jacket at the start of winter to find a $20 bill.
  4. The check is in the mail. You’d be surprised at how many people receive random refund checks in the mail that they’d forgotten about.
  5. Use a gift card you forgot about. If you’re anything like me you receive a gift card and feel like you need to save it for the “right” moment. Stop holding onto them for a rainy day and use them up!
  6. Coupons and other freebies— see above. Right now I have a free drink at Starbucks loaded and ready to use. I’ve been to Starbucks three times since earning it. Twice I consciously chose to not use it and once the lady forgot to load it for me. Hello signs from the Universe.
  7. Earn from the kindness of others. You never know when someone before you is going to buy your coffee. Recently I went to buy a new dress. The first one was on sale so I added a second but it wasn’t as far on sale as the other. The store manager voluntarily gave me the discount on the second one because he could tell how much I wanted it.
  8. Sell your unwanted stuff. I love being on Poshmark. I spend very little time managing it (unlike some power users). But every once in awhile the stuff that I would otherwise throw away earns me some money. You do need to be strategic with this, and put limits on how long you’ll leave it up, but money is money!
  9. Offer a something special in your business. Maybe for a weekend you offer a one-time coaching session that you don’t normally sell. Or a no-branier info product to bring in some cash. Both are legitimate ways to bring in some more money in a pinch.
  10. Have old electronics sitting around? Cash them in! There are plenty of electronic recycling programs that will give you money in exchange for them.
  11. Check your credit card reward programs. Have enough points to cash them in? Go for it! #treatyoself

No matter how you find the money, be sure to thank the Universe for it and track it.

Why track it? 

The things you focus your energy on multiply. So if you focus on your debt or lack of money, you’re just going to keep heading further and further down that path. Focus on the positive– the incoming– and you’ll keep seeing more of it.

Check out the Lucky Bitch app (only available for iOS, sorry). It’s a great way to track every day on your phone and includes a fun celebration when you reach your goals. Plus it allows you to track not just cash but VALUE coming in, which is just as important. Or you can create a simple spreadsheet and access it via Google Sheets on your phone.

Where will you look for more incoming money and value in your life?

WMM 007: Staying True To Yourself In Business with Katie Henry


Meet Katie Henry mountain top

Katie Henry is a physical therapist turned health coach.  She is a passionate health coach with a flair for simple and practical techniques to be vibrant while having fun along the way. She strongly encourages dancing while cooking and finding what brings you joy. She empowers her clients to find what fuels you and feed that fire. When we are inspired and motivated we are invisible. Being health is a lifestyle. What changes your life is changing your story. What story do you want to tell?  

 We are nourished through so many aspects of our life…gratitude, relationships, career, exercise, spirituality, and food…the list goes on. As a health coach, she brings together her vast knowledge to help her clients in a holistic and comprehensive way.


In this episode I chat with Katie about her journey to becoming a health coach, getting super specific on your target market, and showing up as your true, authentic self online.


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78 Things You Should Know

78 things
1. You are enough.
2. You are loved.
3. Dream big and work hard.
4. Take your time. Life isn’t a competition. There’s no prize for coming in first.
5. There is nothing wrong with treating yo’self.
6. Go ahead and eat the brownie. Have the ice cream too.
7. No celebration is too small.
8. When in doubt, dance it out.
9. It’s okay to binge on Netflix. Just don’t do it every day.
10. Be you. Deeply. Authentically. And without apology.
11. If you need to question if it’s okay to do, it probably isn’t.
12. You are worthy.
13. There is no one better to invest in than yourself.
14. Give freely and generously.
15. It’s okay to remove your pants and bra the second you walk in the house.
16. Honesty is the best policy.
17. Vulnerability builds trust.
18. It’s our responsibility to take care of Mother Earth. We can’t keep passing the blame.
19. Some days you just need to roll down the windows, drive down a country road, and sing at the top of your lungs.
20. Leave your phone behind. You might twitch at first, but you’ll feel liberated eventually.
21. Hydrate.
22. Perseverance.
23. Make time for playtime.
24. You’re never too old to walk into an arcade and play. 
25. Never leave the house without a book (ebooks totally count).
26. Sending snail mail is one of the best surprises you can give. 
27. A Thank You card is always appropriate.
28. Travel.
29. Even if you don’t believe in the power of gemstones, at the very least they’re pretty to look at. 
30. It’s always okay to cry.
31. There’s an essential oil for that (and it’s probably lavender).
32. Always cook with the freshest ingredients you can find.
33. Grow something.
34. Feeling stagnant? Go learn something new.
35. It’s okay to let go of your social filter.
36. Go ahead, enter that free giveaway. You can always unsubscribe later (but think of how awesome winning would feel!).
37. Believe in magic. All it takes is belief.
38. Even a simple kiss can feel like pure electricity.
39. Be a juxtaposition. You don’t need to be an either or. Life’s more interesting when you’re an “and”.
40. Add a section to your budget for massages and mani/pedis.
41. Share yourself and your story with the world.
42. Love deeply and fiercely.
43. Ask for help. It’s not a bad thing.
44. Lend a helping hand.
45. Find your tribe. 
46. You CAN do it.
47. Baby steps are still steps.
48. Stop passing the blame and own your mistakes. You’re human. No one actually expects you to be perfect.
49. Go outside, look up at the sky and just spin with your arms out wide.
50. Nature. Give it your attention and appreciation.
51. The best way to turn a frown upside down? Practice gratitude.
52. Accept compliments graciously with a smile.
53. Write down every compliment you receive. Someday you’ll need that confidence boost.
54. The best way to control a room? Walk in like you own the place.
55. Real books are a beautiful thing that could never be fully replaced by ebooks.
56. If it scares you, you should probably do it.
57. You can create your own family. 
58. Talk to the stranger next to you on the airplane (if they seem open to it). You never know what sort of crazy awesome people you’ll meet.
59. Be a basic bitch if you want to. 
60. Stop worrying about what people think of you. 
61. Just breathe.
62. Find a mentor.
63. Better yet, be a mentor.
64. Frequent a farmer’s market.
65. Eat meat if you want to. Go vegan if you want to. Don’t let anyone guilt you one way or the other.
66. If you get vacation time, use it… all of it.
67. They say geniuses talk to themselves.
68. Learn from your mistakes.
69. Know when it’s time to try a different path.
70. Don’t give up before you’ve actually failed. Success takes time.
71. Trying a new approach doesn’t mean failure. It’s just a change of perspective.
72. Perspective is everything.
73. Naps. Take them.
74. Forgive. At the end of the day, grudges aren’t worth the energy.
75. Sweat.
76. Giving is just as good as receiving (and often, it’s even better).
77. In whichever way feels right, express yourself.
78. Comparison is an evil bitch of a monster. 

Wellness Magic Maker Homework

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