11 Ways to Find Money Everywhere

Participating in the Living Abundantly challenge may have had you searching high and low for cash you didn’t know existed. But did you realize that money is everywhere?

And when you’re open to it and ask the Universe for help, there are a ton of ways it can appear. You might not see the signs if you’re not paying attention, but they’re there.


How can money appear to you? Check out these 11 ways to find money everywhere…

  1. See a penny, pick it up! Watch for money on the ground everywhere you go and don’t be afraid to snatch it up.
  2. Loose change you’ve lost— check the couch cushions, the bottom of your purse, under your car floor mats, etc. The place I find it the most? In the cupholders in my car.
  3. Clothes you haven’t worn in months or purses you haven’t used in years. You know the feeling of joy you have when you put on a jacket at the start of winter to find a $20 bill.
  4. The check is in the mail. You’d be surprised at how many people receive random refund checks in the mail that they’d forgotten about.
  5. Use a gift card you forgot about. If you’re anything like me you receive a gift card and feel like you need to save it for the “right” moment. Stop holding onto them for a rainy day and use them up!
  6. Coupons and other freebies— see above. Right now I have a free drink at Starbucks loaded and ready to use. I’ve been to Starbucks three times since earning it. Twice I consciously chose to not use it and once the lady forgot to load it for me. Hello signs from the Universe.
  7. Earn from the kindness of others. You never know when someone before you is going to buy your coffee. Recently I went to buy a new dress. The first one was on sale so I added a second but it wasn’t as far on sale as the other. The store manager voluntarily gave me the discount on the second one because he could tell how much I wanted it.
  8. Sell your unwanted stuff. I love being on Poshmark. I spend very little time managing it (unlike some power users). But every once in awhile the stuff that I would otherwise throw away earns me some money. You do need to be strategic with this, and put limits on how long you’ll leave it up, but money is money!
  9. Offer a something special in your business. Maybe for a weekend you offer a one-time coaching session that you don’t normally sell. Or a no-branier info product to bring in some cash. Both are legitimate ways to bring in some more money in a pinch.
  10. Have old electronics sitting around? Cash them in! There are plenty of electronic recycling programs that will give you money in exchange for them.
  11. Check your credit card reward programs. Have enough points to cash them in? Go for it! #treatyoself

No matter how you find the money, be sure to thank the Universe for it and track it.

Why track it? 

The things you focus your energy on multiply. So if you focus on your debt or lack of money, you’re just going to keep heading further and further down that path. Focus on the positive– the incoming– and you’ll keep seeing more of it.

Check out the Lucky Bitch app (only available for iOS, sorry). It’s a great way to track every day on your phone and includes a fun celebration when you reach your goals. Plus it allows you to track not just cash but VALUE coming in, which is just as important. Or you can create a simple spreadsheet and access it via Google Sheets on your phone.

Where will you look for more incoming money and value in your life?

WMM 007: Staying True To Yourself In Business with Katie Henry


Meet Katie Henry mountain top

Katie Henry is a physical therapist turned health coach.  She is a passionate health coach with a flair for simple and practical techniques to be vibrant while having fun along the way. She strongly encourages dancing while cooking and finding what brings you joy. She empowers her clients to find what fuels you and feed that fire. When we are inspired and motivated we are invisible. Being health is a lifestyle. What changes your life is changing your story. What story do you want to tell?  

 We are nourished through so many aspects of our life…gratitude, relationships, career, exercise, spirituality, and food…the list goes on. As a health coach, she brings together her vast knowledge to help her clients in a holistic and comprehensive way.


In this episode I chat with Katie about her journey to becoming a health coach, getting super specific on your target market, and showing up as your true, authentic self online.


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78 Things You Should Know

78 things
1. You are enough.
2. You are loved.
3. Dream big and work hard.
4. Take your time. Life isn’t a competition. There’s no prize for coming in first.
5. There is nothing wrong with treating yo’self.
6. Go ahead and eat the brownie. Have the ice cream too.
7. No celebration is too small.
8. When in doubt, dance it out.
9. It’s okay to binge on Netflix. Just don’t do it every day.
10. Be you. Deeply. Authentically. And without apology.
11. If you need to question if it’s okay to do, it probably isn’t.
12. You are worthy.
13. There is no one better to invest in than yourself.
14. Give freely and generously.
15. It’s okay to remove your pants and bra the second you walk in the house.
16. Honesty is the best policy.
17. Vulnerability builds trust.
18. It’s our responsibility to take care of Mother Earth. We can’t keep passing the blame.
19. Some days you just need to roll down the windows, drive down a country road, and sing at the top of your lungs.
20. Leave your phone behind. You might twitch at first, but you’ll feel liberated eventually.
21. Hydrate.
22. Perseverance.
23. Make time for playtime.
24. You’re never too old to walk into an arcade and play. 
25. Never leave the house without a book (ebooks totally count).
26. Sending snail mail is one of the best surprises you can give. 
27. A Thank You card is always appropriate.
28. Travel.
29. Even if you don’t believe in the power of gemstones, at the very least they’re pretty to look at. 
30. It’s always okay to cry.
31. There’s an essential oil for that (and it’s probably lavender).
32. Always cook with the freshest ingredients you can find.
33. Grow something.
34. Feeling stagnant? Go learn something new.
35. It’s okay to let go of your social filter.
36. Go ahead, enter that free giveaway. You can always unsubscribe later (but think of how awesome winning would feel!).
37. Believe in magic. All it takes is belief.
38. Even a simple kiss can feel like pure electricity.
39. Be a juxtaposition. You don’t need to be an either or. Life’s more interesting when you’re an “and”.
40. Add a section to your budget for massages and mani/pedis.
41. Share yourself and your story with the world.
42. Love deeply and fiercely.
43. Ask for help. It’s not a bad thing.
44. Lend a helping hand.
45. Find your tribe. 
46. You CAN do it.
47. Baby steps are still steps.
48. Stop passing the blame and own your mistakes. You’re human. No one actually expects you to be perfect.
49. Go outside, look up at the sky and just spin with your arms out wide.
50. Nature. Give it your attention and appreciation.
51. The best way to turn a frown upside down? Practice gratitude.
52. Accept compliments graciously with a smile.
53. Write down every compliment you receive. Someday you’ll need that confidence boost.
54. The best way to control a room? Walk in like you own the place.
55. Real books are a beautiful thing that could never be fully replaced by ebooks.
56. If it scares you, you should probably do it.
57. You can create your own family. 
58. Talk to the stranger next to you on the airplane (if they seem open to it). You never know what sort of crazy awesome people you’ll meet.
59. Be a basic bitch if you want to. 
60. Stop worrying about what people think of you. 
61. Just breathe.
62. Find a mentor.
63. Better yet, be a mentor.
64. Frequent a farmer’s market.
65. Eat meat if you want to. Go vegan if you want to. Don’t let anyone guilt you one way or the other.
66. If you get vacation time, use it… all of it.
67. They say geniuses talk to themselves.
68. Learn from your mistakes.
69. Know when it’s time to try a different path.
70. Don’t give up before you’ve actually failed. Success takes time.
71. Trying a new approach doesn’t mean failure. It’s just a change of perspective.
72. Perspective is everything.
73. Naps. Take them.
74. Forgive. At the end of the day, grudges aren’t worth the energy.
75. Sweat.
76. Giving is just as good as receiving (and often, it’s even better).
77. In whichever way feels right, express yourself.
78. Comparison is an evil bitch of a monster. 

Wellness Magic Maker Homework

What’s one piece of advice you could give to your dream client right now? Great, go give it to her!

It’s Launch-O-Clock

As y’all know, the doors are currently open for Build Your Website. I’m so proud of this program and so excited for the women who have already committed to spending the next 10 weeks with me not only building a website but growing their businesses and themselves.

But let’s face it, launch time can be a scary time.

It’s a time where burnout rears it’s ugly face and confusion abounds.


I’ve been working on this launch since June. Yes, seriously. My entire summer has been dedicated to getting all of the pieces in place to make sure that the launch went smoothly.

And it has. I stepped out of my comfort zone and overcame a huge fear by running a webinar. And I had more sign ups from that webinar that I thought possible. 

And then it was like, “Oh shit. What do I do now?”

Because here’s the thing– when you’re prepared and you’ve spent 3 months building up to a launch, there’s not a whole lot left to do.

I was trying to create things that needed to be done because I felt like I was being too passive.

And THAT was stressing me out more than the launch itself.

So, I’ve taken a step back. 

I’ve let things take their course. I’ve decided to have faith in the process.

I’ve actually taken a lot of time away from the computer–movie nights, dinners with friends, fantasy football draft.

I’ve found ways to be more productive and intentional with my time at the computer (including downloading an extension for Chrome to turn off the newsfeed on Facebook).

I’ve made time to read– The Science of Getting Rich and The Big Leap– which have been incredibly instrumental in staying positive.

And even with that time away and that self care, I’m majorly feeling burnt out. 

So, that’s the story behind why you haven’t seen much of me here in the last few days.

I’ve put so much heart and creativity into this launch that there is simply nothing left inside of me. This post alone has taken me over an hour to write, because the words just aren’t coming to me. 

You can do all of the things right, and you can take the time away, but burn out still.

I have plans to be more active on here again real soon, but if it takes a couple more weeks, my apologies. I still love you guys and miss hanging around here!

Wellness Magic Maker Homework

Take care of YOU today. It’s so easy to let yourself come last, especially when you’re building a business. Do one thing for you–big or small, it doesn’t matter!

A lesson in patience, humility, and running with “good enough”

I always finish up my vlogs on Tuesday evenings so they can go live on Wednesday. This week was no exception. 
I filmed as usual on Tuesday and went to start editing only to find that I suddenly had almost no storage space left on my computer. Sad panda. I couldn’t even open iMovie, let alone edit down way too much video. 
So my favorite game—the game of deleting everything I can possibly find remaining— began.
After a couple of hours, I had barely made a dent. Then, suddenly, by deleting one thing, I had the room.
I feverishly began editing and it quickly became a race against the clock. I knew that I was taking Wednesday off to go play at 6 Flags, and I also knew that I had a 4:45 wake up call coming to me.
I finished editing, rendered the video, and hit upload on Youtube. Only to see the one thing that drives me crazy more than anything— 140 minutes remaining.
There is nothing that makes me want to rip my hair out of my skull more than that.
For those of you watching the clock, it was 10:45 pm. 
I gave it 30 minutes— maybe it’ll go faster than it say. Um, no. At 11:15 it was still at 115 minutes remaining.
There comes a time where sleep overrules meeting a soft deadline. No one was going to die if I didn’t get the video uploaded. I wasn’t going to go to jail. The world would keep spinning. So I hit that icky cancel button and went to bed…and still suffered all day on Wednesday because I was so tired (and let me tell you— caffeinating yourself and going on rollercoasters does not equal a happy belly).
So what lesson can be learned from this?
Part of the reason the video was taking so long was because it’s a huge file. I started with about 30 minutes of video footage and cut it down to just under 13 minutes. It felt like an impossible task to get it that short. I was aiming for under 8 minutes. 
When I record these videos, I fly by the seat of my pants. I have a really rough outline of the main points I need to touch on, but otherwise I just roll with it. That causes there to be a lot of stumbling over my words, making up thoughts as I go, and everything tends to get really disconnected.
It also means that editing becomes time consuming because there are lots of “umm’s” to have to remove and retakes to evaluate and splice together. And then there was my Tuesday night predicament— my lack of a solid ending. Nothing I could do about it at 10:00pm after I was looking like a hot mess. 
I’m not a fan of having a script. You can always tell when that’s the case. Plus, I’m not a scripted person, and running with my rules of authenticity, that goes totally against it.
But, I think I’m going to need to roll with a very thorough outline from now on.
Planning ahead is not my forte. Neither is working ahead. But let’s face it #bossbabes, there’s something each of us sucks at and needs to work on. My bed is demanding that I make this mine.

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To All the Haters In The House

To All the Haters In The House

I was recently involved in a situation that had me feeling like I was in a new sequel— “Mean Girls: Health Coaches Attack”. 

And while I was processing what happened, I recalled a couple of articles I’ve read lately.
The first is this one.  It’s obvious the author has had enough.  And I get it.  I’ve felt that way before.  I hate being added to a Facebook group for sales.  And yes, this fall I was invited to 5 Jamberry parties in one week.  
But how difficult is it to RSVP “no” or remove yourself from a group?
The answer: it’s not.
The second article is this.  To which I want to say, hellz to the yes.
Look, I’m going to be cliche here, but the difference between women and girls is that women support each other and lift each other up.  And the author of that first article is obviously not a woman.
So here’s my letter to all y’all haters.
Hate on haters! Why are women always bringing each other down. Let's forget the haters and be real women.
You don’t know how much courage it takes to put yourself out there until you have done it.  These women who are asking you to attend their parties, buy their stuff, attend their webinar, join their challenge group— they’re putting themselves out there and making themselves totally vulnerable.  Adding you to that group or messaging you may have had them hyperventilating with anxiety for the last 20 minutes.  #BeenThereDoneThat
I never used to get it either.  In fact, when I made the decision to join Wildtree, how difficult it would be never crossed my mind.  I thought hanging out with your friends would be the easy part.  Um, no.
It’s like The Real World— “You think you know, but you have no idea.” (<–Click to tweet!)
Taking that first step and deciding you want to be your own boss at any level takes some major balls.  With Wildtree, I agonized over whether or not the $100 investment (now only $50) for two weeks.  And I still had my main income goin’ on.  But even harder than making that decision, was finding the courage to reach out to the first person and ask them to support me at my first ever party.
And I don’t want this to sound like I’m only talking about the latest party sales company.  I’m talking about any #girlboss— wedding planners, health coaches, dog groomers, photographers, bloggers.  Whatever.   Anyone getting their hustle on is crazy brave.  Period.  End of story.
Putting yourself out there is tough.  Putting yourself out there to maintain your livelihood is terrifying.
According to Forbes, 70% of people hate their jobs.  100% of people working for themselves love their jobs at least most of the time (that second statistic is not part of a scientific study).  So who are you, job hater, to hate on someone who has the courage to follow their passions and their dreams and love their lives. 
I’m currently launching a program to empower and guide female health coaches through building their own website.  Since this is a beta test, I didn’t want to make a big fuss about it.  I ran through my connections and curated a list of people I specifically wanted to work with and that I thought would be a good fit for the program.  It took a lot of balls, but I put myself out there and I personally invited each and every one of them.  I could have continued hiding behind my computer and gone the easy route of blasting health coach Facebook groups and spamming the world.  But I didn’t.  A ton of thought and hard work was put into trying to keep it as personal and un-spammy as it could be.  
And the haters are out y’all. (<–Click to tweet!)
I’m not saying you need to buy something from me, or anyone for that matter.  But don’t go raining on someone’s parade and be rude or mean or hateful. (<–Click to tweet!)
If you’re not interested, kindly reply and say “Sorry, I’m just not really interested”.  I can promise you, even a “no thank you” response will make their day because it’s more than most of the lazies will give them (yes, a non-response has become standard etiquette for “no” in our world and it drives me absolutely crazy).  Or if they’ve added you to a Facebook party, just RSVP “no” or leave the group.  It takes two seconds and you won’t receive any more notifications.
Really, what this all boils down to is treat people the way you would like to be treated. (<–Click to tweet!) 
Sure, as a health coach I am bombarded by offers.  I have people asking me to join their MLM’s left and right–I was contacted by five different reps from the same company to join their teams in a three day period last fall.  But all I had to say was “no thank you” and that was it.  
And, I should note, the same goes for YOU, person doing the selling.  
Don’t be pushy or spammy.  Don’t fill up my Facebook groups with your latest offering every 3 hours.  Have some integrity.  Limit yourself to once or twice a week.  And if someone says “no”, accept it and move on… don’t be that pushy person that is giving the rest of us a bad name. Don’t just assume people want to be involved— that means offer the option to join your Facebook Group but don’t automatically do it for them (and stop with re-adding people after they’ve exited, seriously). 
Oh, and STOP with selling from your personal profile.  There’s a reason that Facebook created Facebook Like Pages.  I don’t care if you post once in awhile, but I better hear about your dog and kids 80% more often than your business.
Be a woman and support the other women around you (<–Click to tweet!).  It’s easy to do and makes a world of difference in your Universe and theirs.
And, in the words of my pal Amy, to the haters who still just don’t get it, “Fuck ’em”.
Have you run into girls who try to belittle you?  How did you handle it?  I’d love to hear your experience.  Feel free to comment or, if you’d prefer, you can email me your story. And if you are interested in hearing more about the program I mentioned above but haven’t received an invitation, don’t feel left out!  We just might not be connected.  Feel free to email me and I’d be glad to send you some info and chat about it!