Non-Business Podcasts

For the longest time, the only podcasts I listened to or books I read had to do with business. In retrospect, my business burnout is obvious. I didn’t allow myself to indulge in anything “just for fun”. It all had a purpose.

And I think there’s definitely a time and place for those personal development pieces. I still read and listen to them today. But I’ve created balance. And I think it’s important for you to do the same.

There are millions of podcasts out here (definitely an exact number) and the topics cover just about anything you can imagine. One of my favorite lazy couch-time activities is to scroll through the iTunes Podcast app to see what sort of new things I can find. Lucky for you, I’ve found some gems that I want to share.


This is the podcast that really put podcasts on the map in pop culture. (Did you know they’ve been around since 2004 but their popularity has really skyrocketed in the last 5 years!) Listen to the first season from the beginning and you’ll understand the hype. You won’t be able to stop listening until you’re heard every twist and turn. And if you’re really hooked at the end like I was, listen to season 1 of Undisclosed.

S Town

From the same producers as Serial, S Town is the story of a small town in Alabama where a mystery is needing to be solved. I don’t want to give away a single hint that might give away any of the jaw-dropping podcast. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I definitely got something entirely different out of this than I thought I would. We made it through this entire podcast during our 4th of July travels because we simply couldn’t stop listening. There’s only one season but you definitely need to listen to it start to finish.

My Favorite Murder

Just go ahead and call me a murderino because I am hooked. I grew up spending Saturday nights at my grandma’s while my parents ran a bar. I watched way more episodes of Rescue 911, 48 Hours, and Unsolved Mysteries than any child should ever watch. And, yes, it does mean that every weird noise in my house is indubitably a serial killer out to get me. So it makes sense that I share Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s fascination with true crime as a means to deal with my “when will I get murdered” anxiety. The girls are fun and always laughing, despite having such a heavy topic to cover. They’re also out there doing great things– they donate sponsor money, etc to great charities that help end domestic violence/the backlog of untested rape kits and more. A favorite recent episode would have to be episode 72 “Steven It Out“.


Guys, I’m a millennial, just so we’re clear right up front. And all of the things that tell me how horrible I am because I’m a millennial just make me angry. So instead, I choose to embrace it and dig into the cool millennial things. This is one of those. And I totally and completely get where Megan, the creator of this podcast, is coming from. I’m also slightly obsessed with all things latin culture (I have a degree in Spanish and studied abroad in Mexico), and Cuba is one of those countries that is so mysterious and so intriguing to me (thanks Dirty Dancing 2). So I have to recommend Millennial’s four episode series on the country. Start at episode 33 “No es facil”.

That’s So Retrograde

Well, hello Wellness Magic Makers… it’s like this podcast was made for you. There are moments, even, where I feel like it’s even too woo for me. But deep down, this is my jam. Astrology. Crystals. Essential Oils. Sound healing… and that’s just the beginning. A great episode I’d suggest– “Summer Summer Summertime” which talks about a lot of the cosmic stuff going on this summer.

Trivial Warfare

So these last two are pure fun. I am a trivia junky. (See the 200 episodes of Jeopardy that are literally on my DVR right now) This podcast is basically pub trivia, in podcast form. I learn something new every time and amaze myself at my knowledge continually. And many times I’m like “wtf, how do people know this shit?” The most recent episode I listened to was number 115 “Mopey Emo”.

Nerdette Recaps Game of Thrones with Peter Sagal

I’m a Game of Thrones nerd. But I admit that I oftentimes have a hard time keeping up with who is who and what the hell is going on. I first started listening to this podcast last season and it helped me not only understand what was happening but made me more invested in what was happening. I did get a few spoilers inadvertently (they do talk about fan theories, some of which turned out to be true) but it was worth it. This season has been straight forward thus far, so I’m a bit behind, but I definitely plan to keep listening.

So, those are my non-business favorites. But I truly am a podcast junkie so tell me– what do YOU listen to?



Mo’ Money, No Problem {Money Abundance and Success Playlist}

Y’all know I love my Spotify and my playlists.

If I’m working from anywhere with an internet connection, I can almost guarantee I’m connected to Spotify.

I’m currently participating in my friend Lori Cunningham’s Healthy Abundance Challenge. Since she’s the Music Health Coach, music has played a huge part in it. And I’m loving it.

I'm participating in The Music Health Coach's FREE Healthy Abundance Challenge. Join me?

On Monday we were challenged to create a money abundance playlist. So obviously I jumped on that to earn some gold stars.

While I was putting it together, I realized that it wasn’t just a money abundance list– it became a “You can do it, #girlboss” playlist. For those of you that don’t know, I had a rough day on Monday. Ya know those “when it rains, it pours” days? Yeah, Monday was one of those. So music was pretty therapeutic to just keep moving.

 I thought it might be fun to share here.


I'm participating in the #HealthyAbundanceChallenge with The Music Health Coach. Here's my Money Abundance and Success Playlist.


As can be expected from me, the playlist is a crazy mish-mash of just about anything and everything– from Opera to Fred Astaire to Katy Perry to Billy Joel. 



Do you have any ass kickin’ songs? Or songs that remind you that you CAN do this whole entrepreneur thing? Do me a favor, share them below! Oh, and feel free to follow me on Spotify for access to all of my awesome playlists!