The Changing Social Media Landscape

When I came into the world of online business, I had no intentions of being a social media guru. Though when I stop and think about it, social media marketing was just starting to come into its own. Facebook Pages had been around for about 3 years and while I ran one for my parents bar the resources for strategy were slim to none.

I quit my job at the beginning of my health coach schooling which meant I had a ton of time to consume just about any material I could find. I didn’t have a business yet but I wanted to be ready to dive in headfirst and get my business rolling quickly when I was ready.

I attended webinars on blogging and using Pinterest. I learned about pitching companies for sponsored blog posts, branding, creating media kits and more from people like The Alison Show, Hilary Rushford, and Whitney English at ALT for Everyone.

Eventually, I realized that social media was what I was really fascinated by.


I’ve been thinking about what makes social media so intriguing for me for some time. As you know, I recently stepped away from my business for about 9 months. While I was plugged into the world of social media through my job, I was out of touch with how online entrepreneurs were using it…which is in many ways completely different from how I was using it to market a local business.

And it wasn’t until I stepped away from this aspect of social media that this really sunk in.

Social media is always changing. There is always something new. If you follow any social media blogs there is breaking news every day– Facebook is testing a new way to track video views, Instagram is changing the way they display comments, Snapchat added a map so you can track your friends at any time.

I’m the kind of person who analyzes things, a lot. My first job out of college required me to do a lot of creative problem-solving. I learned that I really enjoyed looking at the data and seeing how many ways I could put together the puzzle pieces to make the big picture even better. With social media constantly changing, I’m able to always look at the data and find ways to do it better.

The fact that social media doesn’t work exactly the same for every business makes it that much more intriguing– it means even more opportunities for me to play and see what works. And as frustrating as all of that experimenting can sometimes be it’s so incredibly gratifying to see it all come together and eventually work.

Maybe the most amazing thing about social media is the way it makes the world so small. I have followers from all over the world. I’m based in Wisconsin but have worked with clients from nearly every state as well as people in England, South Africa, and Spain. I’m writing for a magazine whose editor is based in Thailand.

When all of these pieces come together, I can’t get enough.

Want to make staying up-to-date with the latest social media news even easier? Join Social Media for Health Coaches on Facebook– it’s totally free and I do my best to keep informed and give my thoughts on how to best take advantage of using the online world for your business.

A (disgruntled) love letter to Facebook…

Dear Facebook,

We used to have quite the hot and heavy affair. I sang your praises to anyone and everyone. As coaches started to panic that reach was decreasing, I preached that it wasn’t that bad. I encouraged everyone I knew to keep trying, increase your engagement, increase your likes, increase your reach. Don’t sell, add value.

But I’m starting to think they might have been right. I don’t know what your deal is lately, but figure it out.

I’ve had some posts reach 300 people. Yeah! Awesome! Woohoo!

I’ve had posts with even more engagement reach 10 people. Boooooo.

I’ve had boosted posts reach only a quarter of the people you said they would (and way less than many organic posts) despite having massive amounts of engagement.

What in the world is going on?

We’ll stay together, on the side, but only because you allow me to boost my SEO and run ads. But the hot and heavy….yeah that’s not happening anymore.

I’m moving on to places where my love is more appreciated.


Love (?),

A coach who totally gets your powers but isn’t going to allow you to rule my business plan any longer

Wellness Magic Maker Homework

Take a look at how you’re spending your time on Facebook. Are you getting a return on your time investment? Or are things not super effective? There’s no shame either way. If you’re not making it happen, take some time this week to brainstorm solutions to becoming more effective.

Visual vs. Content: What “Sticks” With Clients More?

Many health coaches have the majority of their business based online.  With that being said, most of their clients will see their website before they are able to make any other first impressions.
Because of that, you might think that you need to have a super fancy shmancy web design that is super intricate and costs tens of thousands of dollars.
I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.
Which -sticks- better with clients- came into existence in February 2014.  At the time I was using a super basic free theme.  It had a nice little script font as the header.  I had my choice between 4 color schemes.  That was it.  My branding was very “country chic” and flowery at the time.  And it worked.
That theme stayed with me until January 2015 when I decided to do a bit of rebranding and purchased a theme off of Etsy for $30. I had a new logo and the old theme just no longer fit the vibe I was going for.
The thing is, I probably could have stuck with a free theme.  
Back in June 2014 I received an email from Bing.  Yes, that Bing.  They had come across my website and loved it.  They wanted me to participate in an upcoming media campaign in which they would pay me to write about their services.  
There are two interesting things to note about that. 
1.) Typically when you see a sponsored post it is because the owner of the blog has reached out to the brand and pitched an idea for a post.  
2.) Typically a brand will want to see a media kit and all sorts of analytic data about audience base and size before offering any compensation.
But, Bing liked my content enough that they reached out to me AND offered me money without any of that.
So, what am I getting at?
Yes, branding is important.  In fact, I’ve spent all day compiling course content for my upcoming Build Your Website: Get Nerdy With Me program that is all about nailing down your branding.
But branding isn’t the end all be all.  Your branding can be basic as long as the content you are providing blows your potential clients away.  It needs to be useful and fill a void in their lives, or offer a solution to their pain points.  

Is Facebook Worthless?

I LOVE getting questions from you guys. It lets me know what you will find interesting in a blog post. It also reminds me that I’m not just sitting alone at my desk staring at this screen with no one on the other side.

I hope to continue to share some of these mailbag Q+A’s in the future! Be sure to shoot me an email with your online marketing questions (or leave them in the comments below).

To the question…Amy writes….”How do you deal with the fact that you have 183 fans (I’m just getting started here!) on your Facebook page but your posts only get seen sometimes by 23 people? It’s frustrating and certainly every post is not worth promoting!”

Great question. I think Facebook may be the thing I’m asked questions about the most. And it’s always kind of difficult to give a good answer because things change so rapidly.



To start off, I want you to know that while it sucks that your posts are only being seen by 23 people, that’s actually a fairly good number. The Facebook Gods will tell you that average reach on a post is about 1-2% of your fan base. In your case, that would only be a handful of people. So you’re getting really good reach there!

The good news is that as you become consistent in your posting, that percentage generally increases. Especially if you can get your fans to engage with your posts!…bonus points if they’re not just commenting and liking, but also sharing.
Also, it becomes a bit of a snowball effect—once you start gaining momentum, it accelerates quickly. This goes both for reach and the number of people who like your page in general.
The real key for keeping your sanity, though, is to know that sales via Facebook are not where it’s at. 
Yes, I said it. Selling via Facebook is not the way to do it. You’re never going to be successful if that’s what you’re using it for. At least not in the long run.
If you flip your mindset and view Facebook as a great relationship builder, sales funnel, and way to get in front of people, you’ll do great.
A few pro tips…
*Don’t use your personal profile for business.
Not only is it against the Facebook Terms and Conditions (ie. you can get banned for doing it!), but it’s also annoying. Yes your posts might be seen by more people, but how do you really know without the analytics? If you do post, keep it to less than once every couple of months.
*Be you.
People want to do business with a person, not a robot. Infuse you into everything your business does on Facebook. Share behind-the-scenes looks at what you’re doing. Post baby/dog pictures (seriously, people love these). 
*Present a call to action.
Get them on your mailing list. Drive traffic to your blog. Ask them to comment with their opinion.
*Share valuable content (and make it look nice).
Don’t hit the “share” button from a mobile device. Delete your links once the preview picks it up. Use images and video (did you know: video gets more reach than anything else in your newsfeed by a staggering amount!). Keep everything visually similar and “on brand”
So what do you think? Have you given up on Facebook? Are you willing to give it another try? Want to learn how you can improve what you’re already doing? Social Media Sass might be just what the doctor ordered! We’ll spend 60 minutes together talking Facebook strategy and creating one for you! You’ll leave with a plan for the future. One client increased her following (and reach) from 56 to 218 in less than a week!

New Apps for Your Marketing

I used to think of marketing as a pretty cut and dry thing.  You plan out a specific formula of catchy words and eye catching ads and you get people to look at them.
But with the world of the interwebs, marketing has totally changed.
I’ve been experimenting with my personal marketing lately.  Since getting super clear on my dream client (her name is Quinn, if you wondered), I’ve done some things to get specifically at her.  Because really, focusing on attracting my dream client is where the magic is.
Playing with Instagram, SnapChat and Periscope for online marketing.
It seems like there are new forms of social media popping up every day.  And there is inevitably some way to work your marketing into each and every one of them.
I’m not one to jump on all of those bandwagons.  
Some of them are maybe not the greatest for selling or traditional marketing, but lots of them are great for sharing YOU, which is one of the best ways to increase the “know, like, and trust” factor of your website and get people in the mood to buy.
Here is some of what I’ve been playing with lately…
Ok, Instagram isn’t new by any means.  But more and more people are starting to see it’s value as a marketing platform.  While Chalene isn’t on board with sharing who you are, I use it to share a lot of my day-to-day, as well as sneak peeks of what I’m working on. 
I think it’s a great way to connect with new people— did you know that the best way to do that is via hashtags?  And that you should be working about 11 hashtags into each and every Instagram post?  I was blow away by that number.  But it’s so true.  I’ve connected with people I never would have without Instagram. 
And I love seeing what others are up to—it’s great inspiration!
I’ve mentioned that I’ve been using snapchat on here before.  No, SnapChat isn’t just for dick pics anymore.  Did you know that as of April there are over 100 Million monthly active users? That’s a huge captive audience!  And 70% of them are women!  
You control who sees yours posts—send them out to specific individuals if you want.
How do I use it for business?  I share behind the scenes tidbits via MyStory.  It’s available for 24 hours and then a post disappears.  I know I catch myself making sure that I check in with my favorites— Carly of the College Prepster, Paige Poppe, and Alex Beadon— pretty much every day.  I make it a point to watch them, because I know it’s only available for a limited time.
Add me as a friend (snap the photo above or klgrant2) and I’ll add you back!
So this one is totally new to me.  In fact, I have yet to actually use it beyond watching a few random live streams.
I first learned of Periscope at a Chris Hardwick show— he was going to live stream himself meeting another Chris Hardwick.
What is it?  It’s essentially Google Hangouts on Air butt smashed with SnapChat.  So you can live stream anything and have it available for people to watch live.
I’m also interested in it’s “brother”, Meerkat. With Meerkat you can also choose to set the videos for replay later and it saves them to YouTube (talk about multi-use video!).  And you can schedule them in advance so people know when to tune in.
My vision?  Limited time tutorials and webinars.  And maybe some random behind the scenes live streaming.
I’m playing with both of them to see which I like better– Periscope seems to have a real potential for being “shady”, especially after chatting with some other entrepreneurs.  But Oprah is also on it, so the decision is tough!  
Follow me—@glamgirlglow on both
Breaking out of my comfort zone and into video is one of my biggest goals for 2015.  I’m not a huge fan of hearing myself talk or seeing myself on camera, so it’s been tough.  But these tools are making it a bit easier and a bit more fun.
What’s your favorite social media platform right now?  How do you use it for your business? Any opinions on Periscope vs Meerkat?  Is there one you’ve heard of and would like to play with but just haven’t?  Let me know below!
To All the Haters In The House

To All the Haters In The House

I was recently involved in a situation that had me feeling like I was in a new sequel— “Mean Girls: Health Coaches Attack”. 

And while I was processing what happened, I recalled a couple of articles I’ve read lately.
The first is this one.  It’s obvious the author has had enough.  And I get it.  I’ve felt that way before.  I hate being added to a Facebook group for sales.  And yes, this fall I was invited to 5 Jamberry parties in one week.  
But how difficult is it to RSVP “no” or remove yourself from a group?
The answer: it’s not.
The second article is this.  To which I want to say, hellz to the yes.
Look, I’m going to be cliche here, but the difference between women and girls is that women support each other and lift each other up.  And the author of that first article is obviously not a woman.
So here’s my letter to all y’all haters.
Hate on haters! Why are women always bringing each other down. Let's forget the haters and be real women.
You don’t know how much courage it takes to put yourself out there until you have done it.  These women who are asking you to attend their parties, buy their stuff, attend their webinar, join their challenge group— they’re putting themselves out there and making themselves totally vulnerable.  Adding you to that group or messaging you may have had them hyperventilating with anxiety for the last 20 minutes.  #BeenThereDoneThat
I never used to get it either.  In fact, when I made the decision to join Wildtree, how difficult it would be never crossed my mind.  I thought hanging out with your friends would be the easy part.  Um, no.
It’s like The Real World— “You think you know, but you have no idea.” (<–Click to tweet!)
Taking that first step and deciding you want to be your own boss at any level takes some major balls.  With Wildtree, I agonized over whether or not the $100 investment (now only $50) for two weeks.  And I still had my main income goin’ on.  But even harder than making that decision, was finding the courage to reach out to the first person and ask them to support me at my first ever party.
And I don’t want this to sound like I’m only talking about the latest party sales company.  I’m talking about any #girlboss— wedding planners, health coaches, dog groomers, photographers, bloggers.  Whatever.   Anyone getting their hustle on is crazy brave.  Period.  End of story.
Putting yourself out there is tough.  Putting yourself out there to maintain your livelihood is terrifying.
According to Forbes, 70% of people hate their jobs.  100% of people working for themselves love their jobs at least most of the time (that second statistic is not part of a scientific study).  So who are you, job hater, to hate on someone who has the courage to follow their passions and their dreams and love their lives. 
I’m currently launching a program to empower and guide female health coaches through building their own website.  Since this is a beta test, I didn’t want to make a big fuss about it.  I ran through my connections and curated a list of people I specifically wanted to work with and that I thought would be a good fit for the program.  It took a lot of balls, but I put myself out there and I personally invited each and every one of them.  I could have continued hiding behind my computer and gone the easy route of blasting health coach Facebook groups and spamming the world.  But I didn’t.  A ton of thought and hard work was put into trying to keep it as personal and un-spammy as it could be.  
And the haters are out y’all. (<–Click to tweet!)
I’m not saying you need to buy something from me, or anyone for that matter.  But don’t go raining on someone’s parade and be rude or mean or hateful. (<–Click to tweet!)
If you’re not interested, kindly reply and say “Sorry, I’m just not really interested”.  I can promise you, even a “no thank you” response will make their day because it’s more than most of the lazies will give them (yes, a non-response has become standard etiquette for “no” in our world and it drives me absolutely crazy).  Or if they’ve added you to a Facebook party, just RSVP “no” or leave the group.  It takes two seconds and you won’t receive any more notifications.
Really, what this all boils down to is treat people the way you would like to be treated. (<–Click to tweet!) 
Sure, as a health coach I am bombarded by offers.  I have people asking me to join their MLM’s left and right–I was contacted by five different reps from the same company to join their teams in a three day period last fall.  But all I had to say was “no thank you” and that was it.  
And, I should note, the same goes for YOU, person doing the selling.  
Don’t be pushy or spammy.  Don’t fill up my Facebook groups with your latest offering every 3 hours.  Have some integrity.  Limit yourself to once or twice a week.  And if someone says “no”, accept it and move on… don’t be that pushy person that is giving the rest of us a bad name. Don’t just assume people want to be involved— that means offer the option to join your Facebook Group but don’t automatically do it for them (and stop with re-adding people after they’ve exited, seriously). 
Oh, and STOP with selling from your personal profile.  There’s a reason that Facebook created Facebook Like Pages.  I don’t care if you post once in awhile, but I better hear about your dog and kids 80% more often than your business.
Be a woman and support the other women around you (<–Click to tweet!).  It’s easy to do and makes a world of difference in your Universe and theirs.
And, in the words of my pal Amy, to the haters who still just don’t get it, “Fuck ’em”.
Have you run into girls who try to belittle you?  How did you handle it?  I’d love to hear your experience.  Feel free to comment or, if you’d prefer, you can email me your story. And if you are interested in hearing more about the program I mentioned above but haven’t received an invitation, don’t feel left out!  We just might not be connected.  Feel free to email me and I’d be glad to send you some info and chat about it!