Signs You’re Not Failing

Owning your own business is hard. There are so many ups and downs. And it’s easy for the negative times to overshadow the positive. They’re easier to dwell on, making you forget about everything you’re excelling at in your business.

But the truth is that you can’t give up. Because when you do, you’re probably selling yourself short.

Every person that I know who “failed” at business did so either because they weren’t serious about actually making it happen OR because they quit before they were ever able to be successful. 

Building a business that works and is profitable takes time (and anyone who tells you they have an overnight success story is either lying or just got really f-ing lucky).

So how do you know if you’re making it happen but haven’t made it quite there yet? Here are some signs to watch for…

  • You take one step forward in your business every day. Even if you also take five steps backward you’re completing at least one (even baby-sized) task that will help move you forward.
  • You have a story to tell and a why behind telling it that lights you up.
  • You’ve heard from someone at some point telling you that you’ve influenced their life in some way. It could be as simple as “thank you for posting this, it’s just what I needed” or as complex as a testimonial video explaining every tiny thing they learned from you.
  • You’re visible. You show up online and tell your story. You’re not hiding out, no matter how hard it might feel today.
  • You’re acting from a place of service. You help people online without expectation of anything in return (even if you’re secretly hoping they’ll someday buy from you). You’re building relationships from giving from your heart.
  • You’ve earned a penny from someone for something you’ve done in your business. It doesn’t matter if that penny immediately went to pay a bill or not. Bringing in any cash flow is a sign that you’re doing something right.
  • You’re learning and experimenting and growing. You’re finding what works for you. You’re learning what your people want to know from you. You’re testing the waters of how you work best and how you want to be seen online.
  • You’ve had a hater. Seriously. You’ve made it when you’ve had the first person try to screw you out of money or question your authority and knowledge.

Do any of these resonate with you? Great. Stop and celebrate your success because, lady, this is a journey and you’ll never make it through without celebrating every tiny step!

Tell me about it: what are YOU celebrating today?

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My secret mindset weapon

We’re in the final stretch of the year – how are your goals shaping up?

Maybe you’ve been dream boarding like crazy, writing down your goals in your journal every day, saying affirmations every day.

And then…. 


 The procrastination sets in. The resistance screws up your plans. You get a speeding ticket in the post unexpectedly. Your website craps itself right in the middle of a launch. Your partner starts acting weird.

Maybe it’s not just the right time? Maybe the Universe is conspiring against you?

Ugh. We’ve all been there.

Nope. It’s not that you suck at manifesting. You’re probably missing pieces of the formula.


I want to share a new FREE resource with you from my friend and mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas. It’s her very easy and practical Manifesting Formula.

Sign up here:

Y’all know that I am a total Lucky Bitch devotee– I send her book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, to pretty much everyone I know and I linked to it in like every third blog post. But it really did change my life.

Denise is an incredible money mindset mentor, AKA “The Lucky Bitch” whose best-selling books and courses have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, including myself, step-up to create success and abundance.

Denise will share her process that will take you from “personal development junkie” into a manifesting MACHINE and money magnet.

She makes it easy, fun and totally chilled. There’s a free cheat sheet so you can play along.

Just sign up here (did I mention it’s free?!): 

You don’t need to be perfect, meditate five hours a day or chant naked under a full moon to manifest your ideal life! 

But you DO need to CLEAR your mind of any blocks, get CRYSTAL clear on your goals, infuse every part of your day with positivity, take inspired ACTION and learn to RECEIVE (yes, it’s a learned process – women really struggle with that part).

Play along here:



P.S I’m a proud affiliate of Denise’s work. If you purchase something from her in the future, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Living Abundantly Treasure Hunt

It’s so easy to get caught up in all of our shit and feel like living abundantly is impossible, especially when bills are coming in and you’re stressed out about where the next $50 will come from… or maybe you’ve fallen into needing some expensive car repairs… or you just want to treat yourself to a massage but are feeling guilty about it.

Adopting, and more importantly embracing, an abundance mindset can feel like a challenge.


I used to be the person who felt weird bending over to pick up a penny on the ground. It felt like people would judge me– I mean, it was a simple penny.

 “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” and “Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield-Thomas fell into my lap and my mind was opened up to this simple side of “woo woo” that I didn’t know existed.

The books emphasized that being present and asking the Universe for what you want and actually paying attention for whatever it is, is a great way to bring it into your life.

Shortly after reading the books I started finding loose change all over the place. I allowed myself to pick it up, thank the Universe, and tell her that I was ready for more whenever the timing was right. 

Then about a week later I was shopping at Target and found a $5 bill in the cart I was using.

I challenged myself to a weekend of scavenging and came up with over $85 in unexpected savings, checks I had forgotten about, spare change I found, and kind strangers paying it forward to me.

Eight-five dollars in three days!

This summer I took on a part-time gig that I was extremely nervous about. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or if it was a bad choice. All sorts of doubt ran through my head. On the first day, I sat down at my desk and found a penny on the ground. Every day that first week that I came in, I found a different penny– in the parking lot, under my desk. I knew it was a sign that I had chosen the right path.

I challenged the ladies in Wellness Magic Makers this weekend to see how much they can find. I’m up to $25.04 and I spent all day yesterday laying on the couch. 

Want to play along?

Say this request to the Universe–

“Universe– thank you for the abundance that already exists in my life. I am grateful for the home I live in, the love I am shown daily, and the friendships I am blessed with. I know that the timing is up to you. I am open to living abundantly in whatever ways make sense. I am grateful and paying attention for all of the ways you make me abundant. Please help me guide the way.”

Then, start watching for it everywhere.

Abundance comes in many forms but we’re focusing on the ways it can come into your life monetarily. Every time you find something, thank the Universe. And write it down– track the things coming into your life. (Remember, the things you focus on multiply!) Give it two or three days, at least and then report back with what you’ve found!

*Links in this post may be affiliate links. While I may receive a small commission for you using them to purchase an item, you will not have to pay any higher fees for the item.

The big game-changer: MINDSET

I’ve gotten a lot of messages and emails about my last post, Year In Review: 2015. People are feeling like they haven’t accomplished much or they’re amazed at how much I achieved.

The truth is, that’s only a small piece of the pie. My year was jam-packed with action.

I don’t say that to make you feel inferior or to brag. I say it because it’s the truth. And also because I chose to make that my reality.

I was told throughout the year that I was going non-stop and that my action taking was insane. And it’s true. From April-December I was pretty much always launching something… When I stop and think about it, I saw more growth personally and in my business in 11 months than many people see in 4-6 years. And it was exhausting at times. 

But I chose not to let it get to me and to keep going. My word for 2015 was thrive. I was determined to get my business up and running. To take the action I needed to get clients. I’d had a year of nothing (including no income, really) and it was time to make it happen.

And the big game-changer was my mindset

mindset game changer

It’s all a choice. Every bit of it. You choose to take action or keep working on the piddly little things in your business that get you nowhere. You choose to be happy or negative. You choose if you’re going to get shit done or stand waiting in the wings for someone to drag you onto the stage.

I’m not saying it was easy. Changing your mindset isn’t. It’s a daily practice that requires diligence and dedication. You pick up a bunch of tools reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos. And then you play with those tools until you find the ones that work for you.

It has taken me months to master my routine. And quite honestly, I’d probably be rocking even more if I were better about it being a thing I do every. single. day.

(I’ll be honest… It’s a routine that I’m still working on making a habit… it’s contingent on sitting down at my computer right now…like I said…you’ll have to play with it a bit.)

But it’s so fucking worth it, you won’t even believe it.

I wanted to thrive in 2015. And I wanted to make an impact and inspire. 

And I think I did just that.

 Wellness Magic Maker Homework

Choose to make mindset work a part of your daily routine. Make it non-negotiable.

In the coming weeks I’ll be jumping on here and Periscope to talk more about my mindset routine and more tips and tricks to make the flip in your life. Plus, Mindset Reset will be returning, fully revamped!

Year In Review: 2015

“Create the highest, grandest vision of possible for your life. Because you become what you believe.”– Oprah

Let’s talk about 2015. My word for the year was THRIVE. And while I didn’t totally live up to the definition I imagined for myself, I totally did just that. 

Sure there were ups and downs, but what journey doesn’t have those?

This was a year of growth and change. Of exploring new arenas. Of trying things (and being totally okay with failure because, learning experiences). Getting out of my comfort zone. Embracing my intuition. 

Denise Duffield-Thomas challenged her readers to write a list of 50 things they accomplished in 2015. 

I laughed, thinking this would be incredibly easy because I was so consistent with celebrating my accomplishments all along.

And in truth, it was. I focused on only my business and made it to 40 things without even pausing. But getting past 50 was a struggle. In the end the ideas started to roll again and I made it to 70 before calling it good enough.

year in review 2015

Here are some excerpts from my list (in no particular order)…

-Knew I couldn’t do it on my own and hired my own business coach.
Re-did my website, twice.
-Created a 6 week program that flopped.
Created a 12 week program that enrolled four people…all on “scholarship”.
Revamped that same program to be 10 weeks and enrolled 4 people at full price.
Overcame my fear of video by creating vlogs, getting on Periscope, and hosting informal Q+A calls and webinars (keyword, informal…it makes it SO much easier)
-Changed my “title” 6 times before settling on one that lit me up. Creating your own business title is so cool.
-Offered a bunch of one-off type coaching packages. Sold a few here and there.
Sold and completed 12 Website Starter Kits.
Had a client refuse to pay 75% of the payment for a completed website. Had to get in contact with a lawyer, threaten lawsuit, gave up on trying… learned from the process and created a crystal clear contracted and tighter payment policies.
-Had another client demand a full refund after completing 70% of a program (that had a crystal clear no refund policy). Dealt with it like a boss.
Created a Facebook Group and grew it by 33400%. Yep, when you start from scratch and get mega growth those are the epic numbers you see!
-Started playing with mindset magic. Discovered it’s true potential in the 4th Quarter of the year when things started to seriously come together.
-Completed my first Discovery Call (and my second, third, fourth, and fifth).
-Signed my first private coaching client (to a $2,000 program no less!). Signed my second private client.
-Sold a package while laying on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Outsourced my first tasks to a virtual assistant and bookkeeper. 
-Began planning an epic retreat for early 2016 to build community with my people and offer myself as an expert.
Started the year with my biggest money month ever and saw month over month growth all year until I had my largest month ever in December.

Wellness Magic Maker Homework

Grab a pen and your journal. Turn on some classical or spa music. Set a timer for 30 minutes. Write down everything you can think of that you accomplished in 2015 (business, personal, or both!). Come back here and let me know some of your favorites!



It’s the one emotion we all strive for and yet we have such a difficult time talking about it.

Admitting that you’re happy is one of those things that feels kinda shameful. It feels like you’re bragging. You don’t want people to know about it because you might hurt their feelings.

I am so floored about how everything is going in my business. Shifts are happening. Energy is in motion. And I couldn’t be happier about the progress I’ve made.

The growth I’ve personally had this year is astounding.

I’ve come to recognize happiness as my “normal” instead of something that I strive for. And I know that it’s because it’s something I choose to have in my life.

But so many don’t.

I know that the Universe is always watching, listening, feeling. I’m very careful to censor out the negative thoughts on even the more Debbie Downer of days. I’ve come to understand the power of my thoughts.

78 things

There are a group of ladies from my “old life” that I get together with from time to time. They’re still working in the old corporate job I had that made my ill.

Whenever I see them the first thing they comment on is how I look so “zen” and “happy”. And I find that I need to deflect the situation right away because they’re so miserable in what they’re doing. And I remember how it felt… happiness felt like something I didn’t deserve.

Why am I holding back my happiness for fear of insulting others?

I have been there. And I made a decision and worked my ass off to choose the joy I’ve found. I work hard at it every day… with my daily mindset practice… my daily gratitude practice… meditation… simply choosing happiness over the negativity.

As I continue to grow into this new version of myself (one that I actually recognize), I find myself unable to connect with people that I used to. Our binding factor was that we could bitch about everything and judge people for the silliest of things.

And now I see them and I just feel like shit about it. It’s not fun and in fact, it makes me feel sick.

Happiness is a complete and total shift.

Nothing in life is permanent. Not even the bad. Choose the happiness and work hard for it and guess what, it comes.

I choose the happy. I choose the joy. I choose to embrace the light and the love. It may be hard work but nothing worth having is easy.

Wellness Magic Maker Homework

Choose to be happy. That’s all it takes. 

If you’re having a tough time, write down all of your thoughts. I like to do this right on my phone any time I feel them straying to the negative side of things. At the end of the day re-write those negative thoughts to be positive.

Let me know how it feels. I know from experience that it’s a game changer.